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Welcome to Albany Music & Sound
Private Music Lessons

805 Burkhart St., SE
Albany, OR 97322



Instructors that teach at our Store
Please call the instructor at the number provided here, to schedule
an appointment or ask specific questions about content or cost.

Mark France 541-754-0756

Bass Guitar Instructor

Mark has been teaching at Albany Music & Sound for over 20 years.
Mark is well versed in many styles of guitar playing. Mark has a degree in
music from OSU. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Mark can help you.
Lesson Studio
Mark France in lesson studio with guitar student

Chris Arellano 541-223-2614
Guitar Group Lessons
Hip Hop/rap sampling loops
DAW Recording
About Me
Chris Rocking out
ello my name is Chris Arellano I've been playing music virtually all my life. I started playing drums in a family band at the age of 8. After graduating from Musicians Institute in 1994, I was able to use my music as a vehicle to travel around the US doing what I love. I've been teaching professionally for 13 years. My goal as an instructor is to teach each student what they are most interested in learning, infusing proper technique and theory during the process. Every student is an individual and has a different way of processing information. My goal is to be flexible enough to figure the best approach and to help guide each student through their musical journey.

Drum Instructor: Kalyn Payne
Phone: 541-491-1323
Kalyn Payne is a singer/songwriter/ multi instrumentalist with several years of experience on the stage and in the studio. Surrounding herself with, undoubtedly, several of the finest players in the Pacific Northwest, she is a founding member of the professional touring band, “Cascade Rye”. They recently played an original tune of her’s live on Fox News’ morning TV program, “Good Morning Austin”, in Austin, Texas.
Kalyn’s teaching style is casual and fun. Drumming students should expect not only to learn proper techniques and fundamentals, but also how to play along with other people. Once you learn the basics of drumming, including some simple fills and beats, you will get to play along with her accompanying on another instrument. You’ll learn how to link up rhythmically with the bass guitar, how and when to play fills, when to play soft and when to build up energy, etc. These are all part of being a true musician and drummer that you won’t find in a book!


  1. Our teaching studios are located inside the store. There are two music rooms with
    windows in the doors to provide comfort a security for our staff and students. We have a
    waiting area for parents to sit comfortably while the lesson is under way.

    We can provide you with the names of piano teachers the work out of their homes in the community,
    upon request.

    Answers to FAQ about lessons


  1. Lessons are generally held once a week.
  2. Lessons are generally one on one.
  3. Payment is due at the time of the lesson. Some instructors prefer that you pay for a month of lessons at the
     beginning of the month.
  4. Instructors are responsible for setting their own policies but cancellations are usually accepted if given
    24 hours in advance.
  5. It is acceptable to come for a lesson to see if you like the instructor before you decide to take for a longer period of time.
  6. There is no commitment of time like a term in school. Lessons are month by month.
  7. Playing a musical instrument proficiently,  takes years of lessons and dedication to practicing on your own. We feel it is worth the time and the rewards are far greater than the sacrifice.
  8. We hope to share our love of music with you by teaching you to play and enjoy music as much as we do!
  9. You can teach yourself. Having said that, it is much easier to have a great musician show and inspire you and a weekly basis. Then you can spend your practice time making big steps in your proficiency.
  10. You need to have your own instrument. Practice is what makes you better. You need an instrument at home to practice on every day.
  11. We hope to see you soon! John, Mark, Chris and Kalyn