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805 Burkhart St., SE
Albany, OR 97322

Guitar Repair:

We offer warranty service on all instruments sold at our store. We offer repair on electric guitars not under warranty. We can set up and set your intonation on your electric guitar or bass guitar if purchased elsewhere for a reasonable fee. We offer a set up and adjustment on your acoustic guitar as well. All work is done on premises by our technicians except for nut replacement and acoustic guitar pickup installation.

Brass and Woodwind Repair:

We off full service repair on all brass and woodwind instruments. Our repairman picks up the instruments and works on them at his shop located off the premises. We offer onsite estimates and our repairman can call you once he has possesion of the instrument. Most of the local schools refer thier students to our repairman and his work is excellent. His prices are resonable and we have been told by our customers that they are much lower than any of our competitors. Turn around time is usually 3-4 business days.

News Flash: We purchased a Sonic Cleaning machine for all brass instruments. This machine does an amazing job of removing hard to reach lime, rust and oil deposits in brass instruments. This also has allowed us to stop using chemicals in the cleaning process.

Electronic Repairs:

If you purchased a electronic item from Albany Music & Sound and it is not working properly, please contact us. Warranty repairs and replacements vary by model for any specific brand. We will determine the right course of action, for any specific item purchased from us. Some items are field repairable under warranty and some are replace only. We will determine the correct course of action, once we are made aware of the issue.


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