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  School Band Methods: Used by the local public and private schools
Basix®: Bass Method

PRICE: $11.95 Series: Basix® Series Category: Bass Guitar Method or Supplement Format: Book & CD Instrument: Bass Guitar Basix® Bass Method supplies you with everything you need to get started! It includes tips on buying and maintaining your instrument, teaches how to read TAB and standard music notation and includes instruction in a wide range of popular styles including rock, blues, country, jazz and more! There are essential licks and bass lines from different eras. The CD includes accompaniments for songs and exercises.



Mel Bays' Guitar Chords $5.99

Product Description:
This book is considered to be the largest selling basic guitar chord book ever published! Twelve basic guitar chord types are shown in three ways: photograph, notation, and chord diagram. In addition, a special bonus section is contained showing in photo and diagram the essential moveable rhythm guitar chord forms. This special section contains the basics of Mel Bay's acclaimed Rhythm Chord Playing System showing the guitarist how to finger numerous advanced chord forms with a minimum of hand movement! Chords shown in photo, notation, and diagram form include Major, Minor, Dominant Seventh, Diminished, Augmented, Ninth, Major Seventh, Minor Seventh, Seventh #5, Seventh b5, Sixth and Minor Sixth. Chords are shown in the bonus Moveable Rhythm Chord section include Major, Minor, 7th, Minor 7th, 7sus4, 7b5, 7#5, Minor 7b5, Sixth, Minor 6th, Diminished 7th, Diminished add 9, 9th, Minor 9th, 9b5, 9#5, Minor 9b5, 7th b9, 7th b9#5, 11th, 9 add 6, Minor 9 add 6, 13th, 13sus11, 13 b9, 13th b9 b5.

  Alfred Basic Piano Course books we normally stock
Alfred's Basic Piano Course - Lesson Books

Lesson: 1A, 1B, 2,3 , 4, Complete 1

Alfred's Basic Piano Course - Theory Books

Theory: 1A, 1B, 2,3 , 4, Complete 1

Alfred's Basic Piano Course - Technic Books

Technic: 1A, 1B, 2,3 , 4, Complete 1

Alfred's Basic Piano Course - Recital Books

Recital: 1A, 1B, 2,3 , 4, Complete 1




Alfred's Basic Piano Course - Solo Top Hits Books

Solo Top Hits: 1A, 1B, 2,3 , 4, Complete 1


Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course

Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course - Lesson Book

We stock level 1, 2

Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course - Theory Book

We stock level 1, 2

You Can Teach Yourself Electric Bass Book/Online Media $14.99

Product Description:
This method is loaded with information. In the author's words, "The electric bass is in a very exciting developmental period. No longer does it just provide 'low-end support.' Now entire songs are built around the bass line." This method is both easy to understand and thorough! It provides the theory and technique needed to play contemporary bass, and it covers such modern effects as slap & pop and right-hand hammering techniques. While note reading is taught, tablature is also presented

You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin Book/online media $14.99

Product Description:
You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin is written as a teach-yourself text with play-along examples and tunes on the companion recording. In the author's word, "It is aimed at helping you get started immediately on your way to mandolinhood by giving you the basics of the mandolin and mandolin playing." With this informal, often humorous text, Dix Bruce will guide you step-by-step through the basics of learning this versatile instrument. Learn all about accompanying yourself and others, common chords and useful strums, reading simple melodies, playing a colorful assortment of mandolin folk songs, and more. All musical examples and tunes are written in both standard notation and tablature. Diagrams of all the principal chords used on the mandolin are shown in the Chord Appendix, making this book a particularly useful study aid for the beginning mandolinist. Illustrated with drawings and photographs of vintage instruments.

You Can Teach Yourself Banjo Book/Online Media $14.99

Product Description:
This is the ideal beginner's book, presenting the basics of playing the 5-string banjo is a way that is both fun and produces quick results. Janet Davis takes you on an extensive tour of this instrument's fundamental techniques as well as some intermediate possibilities including rolls, chords, bluegrass banjo techniques, playing up the neck, licks, endings, and other basic information needed to play bluegrass and melodic-style banjo. Thorough performance notes are provided from beginning to end revealing the secrets of this versatile traditional instrument.

You Can Teach Yourself Uke Book/Online Media Set $14.99

Product Description:
A wonderfully easy, entertaining way to learn the uke! Based on C tuning, this text presents strum-along/sing-alongs in the keys of C, G, D, F, and B flat. The DVD will teach you in a step-by-step manner, and provide hours of fun and enjoyment! You will learn 58 great, all-time favorite uke songs including Peg O' My Heart and Fascination. 


Assorted other instructional and supplementary books

Hal Leonard Manuscript Paper, Standard Wire Bound

96-page wirebound book; 12 staves per page; 8 1/2? x 11?; Music Notation Guide


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